Basic Tapping Technique

Here is an introduction to the basic tapping technique. You can use any finger you want when you tap. However, since you normally have a pick in your hand, it's hard to use our index finger. I use my middle finger most of the time and my ring finger at other times. Experiment and see what feels best to you.

The trick is hammering down hard on the string, right between the frets. You want to be able to sustain the tapped note, and get it to ring as loud as if you had picked it. This may take some time if you've never tried it before.

Next, practice pulling off the tapped note. Try to get both notes to ring at the same volume, and practice this exercise on all the strings.

Finally, practice picking any note first and then tap another note as I demonstrate in the video. Practice this until you feel you have it under control. Watch out for blisters - they will come.

Instructor Ben Lindholm
Tapping: Level 1
Basic Tapping Technique song notation

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