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First let's talk about the guitar tones that I'm using to imitate the recording. I'll be using my Gibson 335 on the middle pickup for the intro riff and the rhythm parts, and my Telly, also on the middle pickup, for the lead parts. You don't have to use the exact gear that they used on this song to come close to the tone; you can always use your ears to dial whatever gear you have.

That being said, I'll be running my guitars through some modeled Fender and Marshall amps with a little bit of reverb. For the rhythm parts, I'm only using the overdrive that comes from the amp being turned up really loud, but for the main, lead part, I'm adding an overdrive pedal similar to a Tube Screamer. I have the overdrive set to 12 o'clock, and the level at 3 o'clock. The tone is set to 12 o'clock as well.

For the other lead guitar, I'm using a distortion pedal similar to RAT. This pedal has more gain and more sustain which is great for the long notes it's holding during the first guitar solo. I have the distortion and treble-cut set to 1 o'clock, and the volume at 11 o'clock.

For the main, lead guitar, I'm also using a slap back delay, which is a delay with a single repeat and an extremely short delay time. It's barely audible, but it does make the lead tone sound a little "bigger" somehow.

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