Dominant 7th Flat 5th E String Root

In this lesson we will introduce the Dominant 7th Flat 5th:

  • Root or 1st

  • Major 3rd

  • Flat 5th

  • Minor 7th

    We'll learn how to to play or voice a dom 7th flat 5th chord rooted on the E string. Next we'll learn a typical jazz chord progression using the chords as a substitute for the V chord. This is called a tritone substitution because the root is a tritone away from the V chord.

    Bmin7 (ii) / Bb7b5 (bII) / Amaj7 (I) / Amaj7 (I)

    We'll learn to voice some of the chords in a couple of different ways for variety. Finally in the next lesson we'll play the progression along with a backing track.

  • Tutorial:
    Extended Harmony Chords Series 1
    Dominant 7th Flat 5th E String Root song notation
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    Dominant 7th Flat 5th E String Root By Christopher Schlegel

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