Mexican Horn Solo

Now let's check out some solo ideas. There is a solo section in our song and there are some very genre typical things in there. It starts out with this secret agent melody where you pedal the high E string, which is very common in surf.

Then we play a kind of Dick Dale sort of thing, a quick open string lick; pay attention to the rhythm there. Then the progression changes to A minor; so far the solo has been pretty melodic, so here it changes up to a bit of rockabilly or country vibe with the bends up to the 5th of A minor and pedaling on the minor 7th. Then a little melodic walk to the section where the progression changes to B7 and C. Over these chords we're doing some more pedaling using chord tones and the high E.

The whole thing ends on a chromatic walk down, still pedaling the high E.

Henrik Linde
Instructor Henrik Linde
Mexican Horn Solo song notation