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In this tutorial we're gonna check out a song from one of my favorite bands, "Remedy" as made famous by the Black Crowes.

This song is a huge guitar jam and the licks within the parts of the song are basically improvised from beginning to the end, and live it seems they play it differently every time.

Because of the jam driven nature of the song we're gonna check out some key licks but also leave some space to improvise. You can check out the play through for more of the licks.

The rhythm guitars in the song are tuned to open G with a capo on the third fret and has a very cool rhythm part that's very reminiscent of Keith Richards style of playing.

The solo is tuned to standard tuning and is a great reference for a lot of cool rock licks for you to steal and make your own.

The format of the song is very interesting, it sort of blends southern rock and soul arrangements with a very pop driven chorus.

We're gonna dial in a typical southern rock tone with the telecaster today and of course we have a high gain setting for the solo as well.

But let's start with looking at the open G tuning...

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Instructor Henrik Linde