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Ramblin' Man

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In this tutorial I'm going to teach you how to play the song Ramblin' Man as made famous by The Allman Brothers Band. This is one of my favorite Allman brothers songs with a distinct Southern vibe, interesting lyrics, beautiful vocal harmonies and lots of great guitar playing. There are quite a few guitar parts in this song and we're gonna break down every note; the harmonized intro, the strumming rhythm guitar that holds it all together, the first solo, the harmonized tag at the end of the song, the harmonized outro solo, the slide guitar and much more, so we better get to it!

But before we start I want to mention that the album version of this song is in the key of Ab, but the guitars are tuned up half step so the parts are performed in the key of G. To avoid having to change your tuning for this video, we're just gonna play the song in G. So if you wanna play along with the record you'll have to tune all your strings up a half step. But for now let's leave them as is...

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Ramblin' Man