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Connecting Pentatonic Patterns: Series 1

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In this tutorial we will learn 2 basic fretboard patterns that integrate all 5 pentatonic minor scale positions or boxes. The idea is to play a simple repeating 5 note pattern in 3 octaves in order to cover the fretboard. For these exercises we will use the A minor pentatonic scale. We'll learn each pattern, then practice it with a backing track. Then we'll add some variations to the patterns with bending and adding the flat 5th note so commonly used with the pentatonic scales for riffs and licks.

If you are unfamiliar with the overall concept of the pentatonic scale and patterns then you should work through these tutorials explaining everything you could want to know about the major and minor pentatonic scales.

Pentatonic Boxes & Frameworks
Pentatonic Scales: Boxes & Frameworks

Pentatonic Minor Exercises
Pentatonic Minor Scale Exercises

Pentatonic Major Exercises
Pentatonic Major Scale Exercises

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Connecting Pentatonic Patterns: Series 1