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Rhythm, Time, and Feel

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In our final installment of Rock Guitar Level 2: Chords and Rhythm, we are going to look at the idea of Rhythm, Time and Feel. Rhythm is the basic foundation for the all music we know and love. It is what all instruments unite within to work together to produce musical ideas. We have the ability to count rhythm by applying the concept of time signatures. This firms our foundation by allowing us to have a set repetition of numbers to play our music within. And lastly, how we go about playing such rhythms in their respected time signatures is dictated by the feel we are going for. The feel is the overall feeling we put into our rhythm guitar parts, applying either a straight, shuffle, or swing feel. These three feels cover the majority of rock music that we have grown to know and love. In our lessons today, we are going to look at a few different time signatures and how to count them, along with examining different feels we can apply to our rock rhythm guitar. It is essential to play all of these examples with your metronome, whether that be the one provided by Guitar Tricks or your own personal one.

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