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Introduction To Minor 7th Chords

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This tutorial is an introduction to minor 7th chords. This tutorial assumes you already know & can play basic barre chords & barred, movable chords. In this tutorial you will learn to play various voicings of minor 7th chord shapes rooted on the E, A and D strings.

Seventh (7th) Chords are created by the using & extending the same principles that formed the basic major & minor chords. They use the triadic formula of notes (1st, 3rd, 5th scales degrees) from their parent scale, but they also include the 7th scale degree. The concept of the triad is extended to the 5th & 7th scale degrees. We merely "stack" another triad on to the first two triads that form a basic chord.

So, for example, in order to play an A minor 7th Chord, we are looking for a way to isolate and play only these notes from the A minor scale:

  • Root or 1st

  • Minor 3rd

  • Perfect 5th

  • Minor 7th

    Any A minor 7th chord is a way of isolating and playing various combination of only those notes from the A minor scale.

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    Introduction To Minor 7th Chords