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Learning To Read Music Tutorial 2

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Now we have a little more of a beginning, introductory grasp on how to read music. We have explored further issues in how music notation shows:

1. What scale is being used by means of the key signature.

2. How loudly or quietly to play those notes; dynamics.

3. What qualities those notes should have; such as staccato (sharp & disconnected) or legato (smooth & connected); phrasing & timbre.

In the video I explain that playing music on the guitar can be further complicated by the ability to play more than one note at a time! I use Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" in two voices in order to demonstrate this idea. I also provide an example of how to "read ahead" in music in order to make your playing sound more musical.

I hope this gives you a good introduction to the essential skill of reading music. The sooner you learn this skill the quicker your ability to play music will greatly improve. And in the end that is what all this stuff is about!

Happy playing ... and reading!

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Learning To Read Music Tutorial 2