Expanding Pentatonics Diagonally

In this channel episode Mike will show you how to expand the pentatonic scale box patterns diagonally.

The tip of the week is to learn any guitar solo note for note. This is a great way to improve your ear training, or aural skills, and learn new ideas to increase your own guitar playing vocabulary. It can also help boost your own creativity and improvisation skills.

This week's lesson is how to expand the pentatonic box patterns we all know and use as guitarists. This will help open up the fretboard. You won't just be stuck in one position using only one pentatonic box shape. Using this simple idea really helps you gain confidence in playing in new areas of the fretboard. >p> If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover ideas on how to expand the pentatonic scale across the guitar!

Pentatonic Scales: Boxes & Frameworks

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 1

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 2

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 3

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