Jimmy Page Artist Study: Gear & Tone

Page used both electric and acoustics. He played a variety of electric guitars throughout his career, such as a Fender Telecaster, Danelectro, and even a Gibson Double Neck! For this tutorial we'll focus on using a Gibson Les Paul because that's the guitar he is most notable for playing live. When you see a picture of Page on stage, he's usually wielding a Les Paul!

He also used acoustics quite a bit in order to do the folksy, almost meditative pieces that Led Zeppelin placed in between the rocking tunes. Page never shied away from exploring alternate tunings - even on some of his most famous songs.

He used many smaller amps such as Fenders, Voxes, and Supros in the studio in order to capture the best sound. But on the concert stage he used the classic backline of huge, high powered Marshall stacks.

He also used a wide variety of effects to create an extensive palette of sounds, such as phasing, echo, and wah. He is even known for using a violin bow across the strings of his guitar!

But the main lesson here is that no matter what gear he was using, he always sounded like himself! That's an old cliché about musicians. But it's true, because tone starts in your ideas and your technique. And in this tutorial we'll have a look at the kind of ideas and techniques that made Jimmy Page the guitar legend he is!