Wheres your sweet spot away from it all?

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For the most part, we all try our best to prevent ourselves from missing a beat, as we constantly wait for the right opportunity to come our way. Sometimes we just have to take the bull by the horns and accept that we will never find the perfect drummer or the right singer, sometimes we just have to make bread without the proper ingredients, (it might not be as tasty, but its still edible. I've searched high and low for the right musicians down here in south Florida, but my adds havent exactly been answered to the fullestr extent. The type fo responses Ive recieved are the types of musicians who have a million questions pertaining to everything but the sound, those who wan't to know how long it will take. I mean I can understand that logic with school and work etc, but once you start a serious project I feel that its just very important to play things by ear instead of jumping the gun.

Its frustrating all together, especially when you have so many fresh ideas and no one to share them with, and its safe to say that I spend a seemingly unhuman amount of time with my instruments, :). However, inspiration can be hard to find especially when you feel like you're stuck in a hole all by yourself. Of course I know when to move onto something new in my practice schedule, but at times I have to remind myself to move onto something new thats not exactly in the context of music. Wheres your sweet spot away from your home studio, away from the noise of failed relationships, etc, wheres your hideout space that rejuvinates your power?:p But Ive forced myself over the past few months to just break away from it all, and rebuild my confidence in other areas, (as well as people.)

-Joseph, :).The most successful ones balence it by taking time out to enjoy the many but oh so important non musical sources of inspiration. Ehh..
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I scuba dive when the weather's nicer (a bit cold up here right now). Also I play paintball and stuff. Generally speaking though, music is my break from life.
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I agree with you completely Joseph.....I think that my "sweet spot" is probably not a place but with a certain group of people....like my best friend, or a group of buddies from high-school that I still do stuff with......I've realized that when i'm with them, everything seems better.......and the music has more meaning...I dont know....maybe its just me...oh well
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Literature. Most other stuff I do is music related, and I like it that way. I guess when i'm sick of the music, I always concentrate on my university studies, which is probably a good thing ;)
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i used to seek refuge in local billiards, but just recently they now allow guests to smoke and i cant stand it.

wawa works nicely, or the base of any tree

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