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Guitar Tricks Instructor
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06/11/2004 2:33 am
Yep they look really nice, strap 'em to a big ol rig and you are good to go !

So, speakers, and

2 or 3 x Shure SM58s + mic stands

an effects board (like the midiverb)
Speaker cable and mic cable , these are different ! A multichannel snake is nice if you can afford it, also saves a lot of time during a late night when you would rather be in bed than coiling cable.

A poweramp for the speakers

A 6-8 channel desk (this allows you to DI the bass or stick an SM57 in front of your amp) as well as feed vocal channels into the effect processor hooked up the the effects send and return ports on your desk. Don't worry about micking the drum kit, by the time you need to do this you will be playing in venues with there own PA and sound person. If your drummer is complaining about not being heard tell him / her to use the back end of there sticks.

A good friend to operate it for you whilst you are on stage . This is a very important thing as if the sound guy screw up your sound you will sound terrible !

Below are non essentials but useful bits of kit....

A poweramp for the monitors

Monitor wedges (x2) and a side fill ( a sort of monitor for drummers)
2 channel 16 band (like 16 x 2) rack mounted EQ (ART do a reasonable cheap one). You may also want to include a CD or tape player which can be used for warm-up music prior to going on stage. This can be easily patched into your desk and fed through the PA. Also great for annoying neighbors, parents, girlfriends, police officers etc etc !
a grammy !

Oh yes tell you sound man not to let people put drinks any where near your amp / desk, you may also want to get a line tester and a surge protecter / trip switch .

Best of luck and I hope you have lots of fun with the above kit !
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