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04/23/2004 8:23 pm
Originally Posted by: PRSplayaWhy can't we just all get along :( any why can't the US keep it's self out of everybody elses business.

I agree PRSplaya, Every time there is people starving to death we always end
up spending millions if not billions of dollars trying to keep just about every frickin country in the world from trouble, while here in our own country we
have poverty and hungary people, Granted the poverty percent is low here
compared to most countries but the government ought to make sure every
person here is taken care of first, millions of people here don't even have
medical insurance so if you dont have the money to buy your needed
prescription your doomed from the word go. Every time there is a flood,
earthquake, hurricane, or some type of catastrophic act of nature the
good ole US of A is right there to dole out physical help and financial help
to anyone that needs it every time. Did you see just even one country
offer us physical or financial help after the WTC catastrophy, which besides
losing about 3,500 lives in the blink of an eye, and trillions of dollars in cost
was as bad or worse than most we run to help out of their trouble.
I think I read the other day were spending two billion dollars a month over
in Iraq, figure that up for as long as we have been there so far, Screw Iraq
and the rest of them that don't have balls enough to stand up to a leader
that is suppose to be helping his people instead of murdering them and
treating them inhumanly, if they tried that here there would be a revolution
like you've never seen before in the history of time. We need to keep our people, and our money right here where they belong, and keep our fuc**n
noses out of other countries troubles and let them deal with their own
frickin problems. I gotta get off here before I end up writing a ten page
reply, but believe me I could fill up the space....................Mark ;)