Tool V.S. A Perfect Circle

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Ok, I think I have the right of one VS thread...which in my opinion makes more sense since both bands are really great and to some extent similar in their style(and share the same singer).
I am interested to hear people's opinions. We are not to discover the ultimate truth, cuz there is not such a thing...for sure.
My opinion is that if we judge the bands from the prospective of which had a greater impact on modern rock, I would definitely choose Tool.
However their music is somewhat too overwhelming for me. Let's say that I find it difficult to eat some pizza while listening to Schism, for example. In this respect I find APC much more universal without loosing its artistic value which in my opinion is quite difficult to achieve.
SO, what do you think?
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A perfect Circle is really good, but i have to say tool. they have some wierd cool songs. The Swamp song is the best ( i think thats what its called)

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A Perfect Circle for me. I only like a few Tool songs and APC is (IMO) musically better.
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I've only heard and own one Tool album, Aenima I think it's called, and it was one my greatest albums of all time for a bit. Only for that one tune, Eulogy. Where do they think up these groovy tune names?
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the sound genre of music is mostly alike. but the drumming on tool is way advanced....specially lateralus its too mind blowing

tool are mor metal really if u listen to apc's latest album thirteenth step its not like mer de noms even though i like both very much.

both bands have maynard [yay] and that really adds to the similarity but ive also noticed that he sings differntly [slightly] with apc, with tool its more all out i think

i dont prefer either band but i think tool's music is a bit more difficult

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I love both bands and saw them both in concert. Tool albums "Opiate," "Undertow" and "Aenima" are awesome and Perfect Circle's first album "Mer De Nom" is a classic......unbelievable sound and very aggressive...just like "Undertow." While Perfect Circle is great, they only have two albums and the second one "13th step" or whatever, ain't that good. It's just that Tool has much more material. Give Perfect Circle a few more albums and I bet the comparison will be much closer. For those people who don't have the albums, get "Undertow," "Aenima" and "Mer De Nom." You won't regret it.
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