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What do you lot think is the best guitar for playing heavy metal style music on? I was wondering about getting one. I already have a Mexico Strat (£349) and was looking to spend in around the same price range.
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Well, any guitar can be used for any kind of music, but certain types are gravitated to for various styles...
Anyway, "metal" guitars usually atleast have a bridge humbucker, flat fret board (usually with 24 frets). Floyd Rose type tremlos and pointy forms often acompany those features.
Depending on your playing style, you could just put a nice hot pickup in your bridge position and there you go, heavy metal guitar. My strat has all single coil pickups, and it has the sufficent "thickness" of tone to play metal. Anyway, just shop around, and see what you like.
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Check out the lower priced dual-hum Jacksons and Ibanezs.
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there are lots of guitars you could get, but why not consider dropping a humbucker into your Strat? Dimarzio HS models fit into a standard strat slot. jacksons and b.c. richs are good. i dont like the strat style ibanez but to each his own.

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