my new song "Ruzgar Duasi" please listen and tell your opinions!

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right click then "save target as.."

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Kinda fishy....why is the extension '.demo' and not '.mp3' or '.wav'? Sorry for sounding rude, but I won't download it unless I know what type of file it is.
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Finger_cruncher, it's cool. Just download, change the extension from demo to mp3, and give it a listen.
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sorry you're right to worry!

because of the freeservers at,mp3 files arent allowed..

but I wanna share my demo song...

it doest has to be ".demo" might be ".xxx",".fgs"..etc

dont worry it's an mp3 file!
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I just downloaded your song and i think it sounds pretty sweet. The way it is recorded sounds professional. What kind of software did you use to make it sond the way it does?
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I use n-track as software
and digitech rp-3 effect processor

thanks I want more comments please listen my song

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these piano chords appear to me that they are out of measure, unless if this is what you wanted to achieve...otherwise its nice song
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Pretty sweet....not bad at all. It sounded professional.
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thanks a lot

other users;
please listen my song
your comments are important for me
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please more comments
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I like the opening...very "Braveheart"'re guitar and piano aren't quite lined up it seems...fairly nice melodic work...ah, the shredding becomes apparent...nice pinch, too brief though, make that pinch last longer (the one around 2:06. Woah, got whacky as hell at 3:15. It was great except for that brief stint in whacky.
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Very different, but it's cool.

Sounds like it could be a song for a movie.

Great job though, keep it up.
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much more comments?please!
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I have to agree with the other posts... it's got the "almost there" feeling to it in that some of the tracks just don't quite match up. The recording is very good and the guitar parts are pretty sweet... shreddy and still melodic...

Nice work Eternal - more, more, more!
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thanx a lot
thousands of members of this forum ;
Hey you all!Listen please and share yoru ideas!
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The guitar you played sound just like satrani what effects did u use and u think i can get that on my fender frontmanR?
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