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02/13/2004 1:06 pm
I wrote this song two years ago at a time when I was at a real low-point in my life. I, lets say.., had 'relations' with one of my best friends girlfriend (who was also a good friend) and needless to say disaster struck when he found out. Of around 10 people who were good friends, none of us talk to each other to this day... so if you ever think of doing what I did, then think long and hard about it.


Lyrics and Chords:
Where does my heart go,
now Ive been so low?
Indeed, this life has shown me,
things I never wanted to see.

I dream away of a time of innocence,
when everyting was diffenent.
A time of splendor and joy,
when I was just a boy.

Am Am/F#
The more that you do something,
G G/F# C
the less you'll think of it,
Am Am/F#
and the more you think you know,
B7 Em C Am D7
the less you will be taught. ---Ohh

Open my mind then lose the key,
while I find an inner peace.
But heaven is out of reach,
and hell is too warm for me.

Am Am/F#
A million thoughts run though my head
G G/F# C C/B
Of what Ive done and what Ive said
Am Am/F#
Cause somethings never lay to rest
B7 Em C Am D7
For worse or for best. no no no

How does my heart grow,
If I cant let the past go?
In a crowded room Im so alone
Whats love waiting for?
What is love waiting for?