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Check out the new tune:

Its defintely different from what we've done before.
Give Opinions please.
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The singing isn't quite to my taste, but it's definitely better than I could do so I should probably keep my mouth shut.

Sounds good, but for some reason it almost sounds like it needs a violin. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I do think a violin would sound awesome in that.
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I like the song, the singing was kind of bleh. But I'm sure after listening to it for a while, one would grow accostumed to the voice.
I'm agreeing with the addition of a violin. It seemed like there was something missing from the song, and a violin just my fill up that space. Or maybe even a cello *dun dun dun*.

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Some critique:

The stereo effects (panning from left to right to left over and over again) kind of threw me off, esp. on the vocals. Also, can you sing clean (that is, without any rasp)? Singing all raspy is good as an effect, but can get a little grating after a while.

Overall, it's a nice little tune. With some production and engineering, I can imagine hearing a song like that on the radio.
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