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concrete chaos
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concrete chaos
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01/20/2004 9:03 am
its about a mental depression maybe everythin is virtual yet felt so real cus this pertsona's feelings are being felt no more or rather turning to negativeness where the persona feels dark all the time, sorrow,.

"Deep inside this cave of darkness, - the mind as a cave is hollow no real thought but that fuzz like darkness thick and heavy.
There are no walls, yet no way out. - literally u can think positive it can be done but ur soo over come with sadness it turns into self you have no real walls but something is keeping the persona in the cage of negativeness.
Full of void and soaked with sadness," - like before sort of like theres void if u wanna be creative for example or think about what that persona wants to think but his world has been replaced by sadness.

No emotion can turn it inside out.
Without the sence of sight, nor sound, nor feel,
The emptyness consumes the nothing that's left.

nothing is felt but decay in a way decay feeding on its own decay.

Day by day the numbness grows,
Bringing with it pain and sorry.

this i can relate to..its true u get worse day by day u open ur eyes and its like F@*! another day to face...feeling even more numb.

Try as they may to find a way out,
The tears of suffering become lost in the shadows.
Solitude is all that's left."

very negative ending, but its like that before u really find a way out..and sometimes u fall back in the hole so its a vicious cycle.

it gets to a point where solitude is better cus ur so caught up in a frenzy of negativeness that solas is best..besides when u do come into contact with ppl u end up pushing em away.

thats my intrpretation.

but i cant help u turn it into lyrics..cus if i could id help me turn my "poetry" or whatever u wanna call it into lyrics.hhee
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