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01/18/2004 3:17 am
ok, here it is. I wrote somewhat of a poem the other day that I want to turn into song lyrics. 2 things...I would love it if someone could help me with that, and I want to see if any of you can figure out what it's about / break it down. anyway, here it goes:

"Deep inside this cave of darkness,
There are no walls, yet no way out.
Full of void and soaked with sadness,
No emotion can turn it inside out.
Without the sence of sight, nor sound, nor feel,
The emptyness consumes the nothing that's left.

Day by day the numbness grows,
Bringing with it pain and sorrow.
Try as they may to find a way out,
The tears of suffering become lost in the shadows.
Solitude is all that's left."

What do you think.....sorry it was so dark.

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