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Joined: 11/05/03
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12/02/2003 11:40 am
Unless there's a 'trick question' here, I don't get it??

There certainly is a NATURAL MINOR! There isn't a "written minor key SIGNATURE" if THAT's what he meant?? Seeing that there are only 15 written major key sig's in common use.

The Natural Minor (as I'm sure most every member here knows) starts from the 6th degree (a.k.a. aeolian mode) of its Realative major key sig. (Sometimes refered to as the "corresponding minor key" to a written key signature.)
For instance;
Key of C-Maj = a-relative minor
Key of G-Maj = e-relative minor
Key of D-Maj = b-relative minor, etc.

In diatonic terms, you might say;
Natural minor = flat 3rd, 6th, & 7th
Melodic minor = (ascending)flat 3rd; (descending)flat 3rd, 6th, & 7th
Harmonic minor = flat 3rd & 6th

Does THAT help??

...Is there something I could possibly show him...

YES!! Just copy/print [this post] and virtually EVERY other response you get in this thread! lol!

Frankly, I'm surprised? There must've been a misunderstanding in usage of 'terms' in your discussion w/him, no??

Anyway, GOOD LUCK buddy!