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Originally posted by noticingthemistake

I don't see very many, especially where those terms are correct.
*Check out a Big Band chart sometime.

A dominant7#11 could very well be a misinterpreted Dominant7b5 chord,
*Of course we all know the difference there.

With a minor7#11, that could be a half-diminished chord and 99% of the time is.
*again, obvious difference

In a major chord, the #11 with the 5th is actually colorful but over a minor chord it is disrupting and dissonant (like it's fighting between diminished and minor sounding).
*You have to be carefull w/the voicing, put the #11 towards the bass, natural 5th more towards the melody

11th chords are suspended 7th chords,
"G7sus4", that's really a G11. That is actually a very common chord.
*your right, it's a common chord, but it's not a G11 chord.