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Originally posted by chris mood
You should thin out your guitar voicings a little bit, no need for all that doubling, sounds muddy on guitar. A good rule of thumb for jazz chords is that if your playing a note off the 6th str skip the 5th. Playing the 6th & 5th strings together sounds good on bar chords becuase that P5 interval in the bass creates a good rock sound, but it's a little to thick sounding for jazz chords.

Fminb13(1x112x) or (xx1121), Fmin13(1x113x) or (xx1131)
F13 (1x123x) or (xx1231) [/B]

Yeah, taking out the 5th in 13th chords does take out some of the muddiness. To me 13th chords sound muddy anyways, but it does help. I didn't really think of doing that when I wrote that post but if you read my previous post I went through that. Looking at your voicing, all cool but something I will bring to attention is the voicing for the mb13 chords sound like other chords. The first one (1x112x) sounds like a Fm7#5 chord or even Db9/F, or clearer in the second one (xx1121) Eb11. I know a 5th isn't a great combo but for a distinctive b13 sound, I think it needs to be there. Otherwise we can think of a b13 as a #5 without conclusion.
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