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Originally posted by noticingthemistake
Here's some ways I would voice a 13th chord.

Fm(b13) - (111123 or 111121)

That was with the 11th, to get rid of it. Just play (131123 or 131121), alittle bit of a stretch. Here's an easier but inversion of that chord (x31123 or x31121). It's also easy to play a m13 (131131), a dominant 13 (131231), or the easiest a maj 13 (100010)

You should thin out your guitar voicings a little bit, no need for all that doubling, sounds muddy on guitar. A good rule of thumb for jazz chords is that if your playing a note off the 6th str skip the 5th. Playing the 6th & 5th strings together sounds good on bar chords becuase that P5 interval in the bass creates a good rock sound, but it's a little to thick sounding for jazz chords.

Fminb13(1x112x) or (xx1121), Fmin13(1x113x) or (xx1131)
F13 (1x123x) or (xx1231)