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Originally posted by Christoph


Ok, I don't think you heard what I said. I know the 'm' refers to the triad, otherwise by just looking at that you wouldn't know to play C instead of C#. I was saying that because the minor 6th inteval is in the key of A minor by default you don't have to specify that it's a flat6.

The tonic chord in a minor key is rarely played as a 6th chord. Either way, b6 or n6. I think the reason is they don't sound as they the have hit "home" or resolved, being too tense. Except the thread where I was discussing that with chris, but that's because I wanted that tension in there as I explained.

Minor 6th chords usually occurs within the moving part of a chord progression. Like Chris said with the ii chord in a major sequence, but don't forget the iii chord either. Try even playing the ii chord as a m6/9 chord, especially if you want to instensify the 6th harmony. I kind of like the use of 6th chords on the iv chord in either major or minor. Try going from Fm6 to Cm(7), or Fm6 to Cmaj for a romantic sort of sound.

Congrats on the being grizzled chris. Bad thing is though is I've been here a year less than you and I've almost caught up to you. 'LOL'
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