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Originally posted by noticingthemistake

The first chord is clearly a minor 7th flat fifth chord. It sounds like a F#m7b5 before an A minor, even the whole movement of the first 4 chord is too dark to even be called minor. Sounds diminished, even better locrian. First chord in the locrian mode of G major is F#m7b5. That's where I got that. Then it goes to a bV of F# locrian. A common movement in a locrian mode. Hell any mode, the bV characterizes the locrian specifically. That chord would be C. Where I got the 6th spelling is from a common voicing for IV in G major, which would be Cmaj6. Think this progression I - IV6 - V7. Makes sense to me.

*whoa...this is really taking things out, can't say I agree w/anything within that statement. The introduction of the F natural within the 2nd chord totally cancels out any connection with anything to do with Gmaj or F#locrian.

How often do you see the bass note being the 7th of a chord?
*A lot more then I do the 4th

As for the middle part, whew!!

The key to getting the middle part is the tri-tone the exists there; Db - G.

Also your ending gets pretty bizarre, calling a root pos. Fmaj7 a Amin/F?...A root pos. Bmin7b5 a A11#5/B !?!?

I would have to look at the chord progression again, but if I had to associate it with a tonality I would say A minor.