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chris mood
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This progression (to me) only really seems to work when played in rubato, the chords really don't relate to each other in a diatonic sense, the emphasis here is on chromaticism, voice leading, and lack of voice leading. I did enjoy NTM analysis, it was quite amusing.

NTM wrote;
F#min7b5, C6/F, C6sus4/E, C6/E, F#9#5/C#, C#7b5, A11#5/B, A9#5/B, _?_, Amin/F, G#aug/B, E/B

Here's my analysis;
Amin6/F#, Fmaj7, Fmaj7/E, Amin/E, Eb9/Db, Ebaug.add9/Db or G7b5/Db, Bmin7b5, B9, F , Fmaj.7, Eaug/B, E/B.

At least we agreed on the last chord :)