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[QUOTE]Originally posted by griphon2
[B] Nothing happens without honest work. If one thinks for a moment, this is easy, think twice and be a baker (same amount of work).
Your right, to be proficient on your instrument takes a lifetime of dedication. Unfortunately it seems most younger musicians don't care about being good players, instead are caught up in Rock Star stardom. I yearn for the day to see another "pop" act that is as honest with their music and intentions as Steely Dan or Yes. I doubt most guitarists these days (playing new rock) can even identify what chord their playing. Damn the idoit who taught these bastards drop D tuning.

He's back. I want no fight. Just listen.

There's nothing wrong with a good debate, those were some of my favorite threads. Being able to debate stuff intellectually is what makes us humans. Christoph and Educated Film used to have some heavy ones in the Open Discussion forum, I enjoyed those also.