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Bebop I think was the first true rebellion in music, but it was an envitable change. Music was going to have to evolve and it did from jazz, to swing, to Bebop. Take one great artist, Lester Young, who always pushed the boundaries of his time by lenghten a note over measure while soloing. Something unheard of at the time, and believe he got some sh*t for it. Then of course you got Charlie Parker, who was influenced by Young and in my opinion he was the genius behind bebop. He always found new and interesting ways to play over very familiar chord progression, like 12-bar blues but kept the solo from repeating or having it become too rote. If your really into bebop check out the Savoy and Dial Recordings that were done in the early 40's. I believe Miles Davis was also on that with Parker, another great bop artist. It's something you have to hear and experience yourself to understand. You'll learn alot if you do but one thing above all is to be inventive, and try to think outside of the mechanical world of "scales". That basically what Bebop is.
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