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Any fans around?
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I olny like the song "What I Got".
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I think they had some really great stuff and some really terrible stuff.

I definately plan to pick up 40oz to Freedom and Sublime eventually, but neither are a burning concern of mine.
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I listen to a couple of thier songs, not a bad band at all.
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I'm more of a heavy metal/classic rock fan myself. So, I'm pretty biased. I don't really like them very much at all, but I know a lot of people who do.
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Sublime is awsome!, i love all of their songs, its good stuff to play also
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Yea, in a party situation Sublime is very suitable to play since everybody knows the songs and they are not like the greasy Aerosmith or GN'R stuff.
The world is loaded, it's lit to pop, nobody is gonna stop!
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I love all of their stuff. I can't believe it took em so long to get famous.
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I love 'em... enough said.

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Sublime aint bad stuff and they can be pretty enjoyable to listen to...:)
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Sublime is awesome. To bad Brad couldn't have been around to enjoy it all.
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