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Insert witty remark here
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Insert witty remark here
Joined: 12/14/00
Posts: 1,322
08/08/2003 4:25 am
Originally posted by Metalic Dude
I was excited first cool song for my first band...
Thank you u10ajf or whatever your nick is dude.
and Incidents, listen to me you goat-****er, I'll post what I want to post, and your not a bully you worm, you're a nerd, that's my opinion on you, idiot.

I bet you can't say all of those things you wrought infront of my face if we knew each other, befor you'll open your mouth you'll pee and **** in your pants, and I don't care If I'll get kicked of this forum because of this post, when people talk to me like that I'll not shut up.

Maybe I got some problams in my spelling, maybe I type like an ape, but I got friends, I got life, I got girls, I got a band, AND I'M HAPPY! I forgot most of you are nerds and can't say something like "cool dude! good luck!"

What you expected from a metalist? to be a good speller?!
I love to have fun and eat and rock and **** girls! like most of us here, and it's stupid to judge some1 by his ****ing posts...

[Edited by Metalic Dude on 08-07-2003 at 10:17 PM]

Look, was that so hard. That was a post that was able to be read. No one here said you were a loser and said you didn't have friends or any of that stuff.

And you're being very hypocritical. We made fun of you for your bad spelling, and now you're calling us nerds because we can use proper English.

Pot calling the kettle black don't ya think?

You are just making yourself look more ignorant by saying, "Dude, I'm so tough, I would kick your ass if you said that in person." You've turned into the internet bad a*s. Woohoo!!! *runs and hides*

Look at me, I'm a 6'8" 290lb college football player with 32" biceps and a 12" wang. BE AFRAID OF ME!!! I WILL KICK YOUR BUTT!!! (just kidding about all the stuff, except the 12" wang part ;) ) That doesn't make you tough man!

Fact: Don't act like a moron and you won't get treated like one.

I have no beef with you, your posts are simply amusing. It's like trying to decipher a code.

Ok, in all seriousness, take some time and think about what you're going to type and then type it. You will get more respect from posting clearly.
Sometimes I hit notes only dogs can hear.