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Grizzled Spellchecker
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Grizzled Spellchecker
Joined: 05/09/00
Posts: 2,233
08/07/2003 1:55 pm
I'm assuming that you know that you need another mike and amplification, and also that you know how to set up the TB with your amp.

Check out Peter Frampton; he's the name that comes up first and foremost when it comes to the talkbox. His best-selling album was Peter Frampton Comes Alive, which was (may still be) the best-selling live album ever. Songs like "Show me the Way" or "Do you feel like I do" have famous talkbox riffs to them.

Some other songs with the talkbox:

  • Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith (right at the beginning)

  • Livin' on a prayer - Bon Jovi (again, at the beginning)

  • Keep Talking - Pink Floyd (appropriately named, lots of TB here)

  • Pigs (3 different ones) - Pink Floyd (great TB solo)

Those songs should give you an idea of what some cool applications of the talkbox can be. Basically, you should use it much in the same way as a wah-wah pedal, to manipulate tone; however, you can also use it to make your guitar "talk", by moving your mouth in the shape of words without making any sounds from your voice or breathing.

That reminds me, that you need to be sure that your breathing (from your mouth or nose) doesn't come through on the mike... you may need some kind of spongy cover on the mike.

Another tip I read once was to experiment with opening and closing your throat breathing passage; this also alters the sound.

Wow, can you tell that the talkbox is one of my favourite effects? And I don't even really have one, just a cheesy homemade version!

Well, hope that helped!

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