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08/02/2023 10:24 am

Hello to everyone,


So, I've got an Epiphone DC Pro (

On Friday I changed my strings from the stock ones, to Elixir Nanoweb, similar gauges as the stock strings

I installed the strings, tuned the guitar and started playing. Compared to the stock ones, the Nanowebs sounded horrible

I started searching online and got into the whole procedure of setting up the guitar, to accommodate for the new strings

I measured the action then and it was 3mm on the low e and 2mm on the high e

I didn't measure it before the changing of strings

So, since then I have tried to setup the guitar, learning by reading from various forums, reddit, watching youtube videos, and other sources

I tried 3 times in 3 different days to set it up, so I will only discuss about the last setup I did (the setup its in right now) . All 3 setups were pretty much the same, with the relief and the intonation getting a little better every time

Note: every time I write that i check for buzzing frets, I mean without an amp

I didn't use an amp through the whole procedure at all

Also: my tuner is a Peterson StroboClip HD


First I tune it and start setting up the relief: getting a straight neck first and then setting up the relief by checking for any buzzing frets. Depending on where its buzzing, I add or remove relief

Finally I am left with an upbow relief for which I have zero buzzing frets, and the tap test sounds exactly like in the youtube videos I have been watching


Then I move on to the action: Like I wrote previously, the action was at 3mm low e and 2mm high e before I made any adjustments to it

I really wanted an action of around 2mm on low e and 1.5mm on the high e

The moment I lowered the low e, even to 2.5 from 3, it started buzzing all over the place

So I had to leave it at 3mm. I set the high e to 2.5mm from the previous 2mm, so its closer in height to the low e


Then I move on to intonation: This was pretty tricky, I had to maximize the distance in 3 strings, going all the way to the right, but I got it either very good to good intonation

(note, some notes seemed to be "jumping" in one direction when tuning, like they were moving slowly at first for some time, then made a big jump to the right and then moved slowly again)

I guess the high action isn't allowing me to set intonation perfectly


So on to the questions : was the procedure done correctly? Did I miss anything?

Most importantly: how can I get a lower action than 3mm on the low e, when I hear buzzing even at 2.5?

For the intonation I assume the only fix is to setup the action lower... but like I just said, I am stuck at 3mm if I want to hear no buzzing without an amp


Finally, I feel like I am stuck in a situation with very high action and not very good intonation from which I have no idea how to escape


Any suggestions?