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Guitar Tricks Instructor
Joined: 07/06/02
Posts: 5,021
04/12/2003 2:54 am
Zack, I gave your songs a listen and……….
They are well recorded, well mixed and very imaginative which I liked. Not being one to really give a hoot about writing radio friendly songs I listened to them in reverse order.

Morality of Diction
Bit like Hannibal Lector meets Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Have you thought of building up the back line a bit. Maybe add a Tenor Sax and a Hammond organ. Cannibalism isn't really my thing (or is it oral sex ?) but I enjoyed your song (rare praise from Simon !)

Mirror Dreams
Nice clean guitar, needs some percussion, could bring the lead up in the mix a bit, and defiantly some backing vocals, ahhhhhh there they are! Id bring them down a bit towards the end of the song. The whole things seems to get a lot louder @ 1.40, id try and normalize the whole thing a bit to stop people running for their volume control, nice job, if a bit melancholy!

Forward into Prayer
Again some percussion wouldn’t come amiss, when I cant use my drums (cos of my neighbors), I use a Boss DR770, it is whey cool. You could add some odd samples to the end of this to make it really odd….leave planet reason, add an air of desperation etc.

Autumn Colors
Nice guitar, again some percussion and horns would be good, not too overpowering just filling up the back line. You could bring the lead in and out to add texture. This is a nice bit of light to the other wise darker songs following it (yeh….. this is coming from some one who was and still is a big fan of Bob Mould…..). You could even add some funky distorted lead to the end of this, not like cheesy metal, Im thinking more like a cross between Dave Gilmore meets Talking Heads.

Obviously a lot of work has gone into this and I’ve enjoyed listening to it. Feel free to give my songs a listen to and add any critique you think would be helpful,

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