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Recently I found out that I am very party unfriendly guitarist, cuz there was a party and when the people wanted me to play somethin I couldn't because I haven't bothered to learn new songs since ages(as I am involved right now only with my own stuff) and I have forgotten all the metalica's and gn'r's evergreens I used to play 5 years ago. And I was too stoned to think of some improv. So I decided to learn a bunch of songs which will make me not look like a piece of wood in such a situation. So what are according to you some good repertoire of "The party-friendly guitarist"? Also remember that these songs should be easy enough so that you can playthem when you are stoned.

Some songs that I think will work in most situations where the age of the public is around 15-25

Under the bridge(or any of the Chilie's ballads)
All the small things(Blink )
Should I stay or should I go (The Clash)
Knockin on heaven's door (Gn'R version)
About a Girl(Nirvana)
Balck Hole Sun(Soundgarden)

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good point, i've been at a party and had some bad times not being able to play **** people talk about, but some i have.

lets see...

nirvana - smells like teen spirit
rolling stones - paint it black
zeppelin - stairway
hendrix - purple haze
beatles - twist and shout
Lynard Skynard - sweet home alabama

when the drinks get heavy **** like surivor - eye of the tiger are fun

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Basiclly evry famous rock/pop song will work excellent. Plus, you can even throw in some famous Metallica/Maiden/Guns/Ozzy/ACDC stuff. Here´s just a small list of the songs that my coverband are playn´:

Detroit Rock City
Are You Gonna Go My Way
Runaway Train
Sultans Of Swing
Hotel California
Rock The Night (Europe)
Crazy Train & Gets Me Through (Ozzy)
Sweet Child... & Nightrain (Guns)
Enter Sandman
Rock You Like A Huricane
Other Side (Red Hot Chilli Pap.)
How You Remind Me (Nickelback)
Highway Star
Livin After Midnight
Cats In The Cradle
Highway To Hell

and so on. Right now we got about 40 songs and are planing to jam in about 60. Any thoughts? Just wright down ideas.
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Metallica : Master of Puppets , Harvester of Sorrow , Nothing else Matters , Fade to Black.
Megadeth : Hangar 18 , Tornado of Souls , Rust In Peace , Wake Up Dead , Peace Sells But Who's Buying.
GNR : Sweet child , Don't Cry , It's so easy , Night train , Welcom to the jungle .
Scorpions : Still loving you , Send me an Angel , Always Somewhere , Holiday .
Led Zeppelin : Stairway , Black Dog , Heartbreaker , Living Loving maid , Dazed & Confused , Whole Lotta Love.
Beatles : Day Tripper , Yesterday , While my guitar gently weeps , Drive my Car , Let It Be , And I Love Her .
AC/DC : Back In Black
Aerosmith : Dream On , Cryin' , Love in an Elevator , Dude Looks like a lady .
Black Sabbath : Paranoid .
Deep Purple : Smoke on the Water .
Dire Straits : Money For Nothing , Sultans of Swing .
Eric Clapton : Layla .
Jimi Hendrix : Voodoo Child , Little Wing , Fire , Hey Joe , Purple Haze , Foxy Lady , Castles Made of Sand , Redhouse.
Nirvana : Smells like teen spirit , Rape me , Lithium .
Ozzy : Crazy Train , Mr Crawley.
Pink Floyd : Another Brick in the wall , Comfortably Numb , High Hopes , Time .
Van Halen : Hot For Teacher , Jump , Panama .
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