Mesa/Boogie for Christmas.

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I was going to ask for a Mesa Boogie amp for Christmas. I want one with a good Distortion channel and a nice smooth watery clean chanel. Much like the one Johan has. But Not that exact one. Theres just one problem, :( the price limit is $550.00 U.S dollars.
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just for your budget, get a mesa subway rocket, its a small 12 inch speaker amp with a clean and distortion footswitchable channles. This thing is hella loud and if you ever want to upgrade you can set it up with a 4x12 cab and it runs it no problem. I just bought one and its amazing. The guy in the store set it up with the half stack cab and it ran it with the dials 1/3 of the way around, you can only imagine how loud it could be. The distortion is the best in the industry and the clean is amazing. And it will last forever. Mesas are great amps and i completely recomend it.
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