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I strongly suggest picking up a tascam if you need a 24 would be cheaper but if you need a 32 with more but at the tascam portable studio it's easy to work use an SD card micro card that goes into the other cord it is wonderful I bought it and save so much money not going into studio it helps you write songs better it's wonderful I've written 10 songs and recorded them either by playing or by on the affordable studio and I did that in 3 years now I only did a couple of songs the first year then I got the recording device in the second end of second year and I've been writing them all the way through it's been a good device I might be wrong on the time though cuz you know I am having seen your moments once in awhile but I'm a Christian music artist I'm on YouTube my song thank you Father God for your son Jesus is good the one with the tie on the hair and it's a bow tie big bow tie and I have another one that's excited always and forever however it's forever and always and it's in the YouTube also with me talking about it while it's running on the tacam portable studio

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