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Hey Dear folks

I am following the rock path, I know I have to take it easy but I must admit I had few bangs on the desk today and even hurt my hand lol :-) , because barre chords shape seems to be difficult, and my hand doesn't seem to adapt, of course it is only 2 days I try hard.

The lessons is here

I am actually trying to use the bar chrod technique along the entire fret from E down to C

The technique and theory behind the E shaped barre chords is what I am stuck with. I wanna learn this part properly.

When I see instructor barring the chord it seems that gently press the string down, but what is it the secreat do we really press softly but I don't get the proper sound tone. We barre chords and we use our index finger as capo, therefore I assume that the finger press against the string with soem strenth otherwise obviously the tone won't come out as expected right


Can someoen shed some light, maybe there is a secreat and magic wand that I am not aware of?


Maybe my finger needs to adapt and that's all

Dave Mojo


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Barre chords are tricky at first.

You are right that you only need a little bit of pressure.  And beginners often try to squeeze too hard.  But the trick is that you have to find the exact right placement for your index finger in order to barre the entire fret & cover all the strings.  You might have to shift your fingers around a little bit.  I call this microplacement.

Put your index finger as close to the fret as possible.  Make sure that the E, G, B & E strings are ringing.  You might have to wiggle your finger up, down or over a bit in order to make sure the strings are all fretted.  Sometime the divots where your finger is jointed might line up with a string & miss it!  So be very careful about making sure you are making solid contact with all the strings.

Then place the rest of your fingers one at a time doing the same thing.  Listen & look for problem areas.

When you find the location for your fingers where all the strings are ringing clearly, then experiment with how much pressure you need to apply.  Start to back off a bit until you find that spot of just enough to make the strings ring.

These tutorials cover barre chords for beginners.

Hope that helps!

Christopher Schlegel
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