Boss Waza Air Headphones

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I purchased a set of these today and wanted to pass along some thoughts.

Since being introduced a few years ago, the Waza Air have garnered a fair bit of attention and YouTube coverage. The main talking point being a sort of audio Virtual Reality, which is real by the way. The other talking point is the price... these ain't cheap.

So, here is what you get for your money:

Weight. There is no way around it, these are heavy. Typical of anything from Boss these are well built units and feel it.

Bluetooth integration with your phone which allows songs or backing tracks to play directly through the phones while at the same time allowing the guitar to play through. On this subject though, the sound quality of music played through the phones is underwhelming.  Any headset you have in the $100 range will smoke the Boss in terms of audio. But guitar notes come through nice and clean and when playing to a jam track, the backing audio is fine. 

Amps and effects. They come with the same basic setup as a Boss Katana amp, but because a downloadable app is required, you also get lots of effects and patches and although I haven't played with it, apparently I can create my own patches. The app also uncludes a nice tuner function.

So, do I think the $569 CAD I spent was worth the money? Yes. They present a nice clean solution to a portable amp for quiet places without the need for cables. In my living room I keep an amp - which I run an aux cable into from my phone. A set of headphones are plugged into the amp and of course there is the guitar cable as well. All that clutter is replaced with a set of headphones and a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the guitar and stays there until its needs recharging.

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