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Last night I had an amazing ride on my guitar.

I am continually surprised at how my musical learning happens in unpredictable spurts.  I will drill on scales and playing along with jam tracks for weeks.  It will seem like I am getting no where.  No where, no where, no where.... and then... BLAM! 

For no apparent reason, my muse, will simply show up and and enlarge my musical landscape.  Skills I have chased for weeks will suddenly rain from my fingers racing up and down the neck.  Not only that, but when the muse is in the house,  other unexpected skills will also just appear for me to practice.   I will play and play until my hands refuse to do anymore... Then, after the pain subsides, it is back to the woodshed.  Back to practice my skills and try to explore the new perspectives, glimpsed in the arms of my muse. 

I have been playing guitar on and off for decades, and this cycle repeats again and again.  After all that, it still amazes me how these serindipitous dances with my muse, transport me out of the woodshed and on to the ever expanding landscape of music.  No where, no where, no where, and then BLAM!  She slips into a practice session and I am transported once again... It really is an amazing ride.   Now, I just wish I could figure out how to connect with my dancing muse more frequently. 

But alas, I am old, and headed back into the woodshed.


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An inspirational blessing.  Make sure you give thanks to your Muse.

Wow, it's 2023 already? Time goes fast.

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Ah Sno - embrace your Muse.

For me (and Keats) it's often La Belle Dames san Merci...

"And there I shut her wild wild eyes

With kisses four" 



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