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m now 71 and into my third year with GuitarTricks. I played in my twenties but family life and work left the guitar in the closet. I saved my music books always thinking I would restart. When I did restart 3 years ago I realized I would need some help. I researched online lessons and GuitarTricks keep showing up on the top 3 so I joined. I completed the Fundamentals course with Lisa Mcormick. Since I am retired public school teacher, I appreciated her teaching skills with a well defined curriculum and teaching meathodology. She filled in all the gaps I had in my twenties! I then chose Ander Mouridsen's Blues I & II course. Anders does not have the same traditional teaching meathods as Lisa but he has his own unique approach that consistently challenges you to stay at it and play it "your way " His passion runs throughout all his lessons. Then I needed more, I was still missing a link, I took Chris Schlegel's Blues Orchestration series. The missing link! Chris takes a structured repetitive approach that builds into a complete composition. After this I decided to go back to the beginning and pull out the summary lessons from each lesson series and create a tune my way. I learned how to record these tunes as I went along using a Focusrite audio interface and the accompanying Abelton Lite 11 software. Relearning the lessons and recording the results provided a whole new level of learning curve. I now have 29 tracks recorded. The recordings show my progression as a amateur guitarist throughout my last 3 years. I posted my work on SoundCloud.com for family and friends. My current comfort zone is 99-100 BPM. Don't think my 70+ yr old brain and playing technique will get to my awesome instructors level but Hey, I play it my way,


Just search my name at SoundCloud.com "Steve Steakley" to hear my tunes and Happy playing to all! 

Steve Steakley

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Hi Steve, we are so happy to hear that you have found sucess with the program! It's awesome that you felt inspired to start creating your own music. Thank you for sharing with the forum. Rock on! 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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