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09/04/2003 12:06 pm
Originally posted by PonyOne
Most of the nations in the middle east don't like Israel that much.

True ,but did you even bother to ask "why" ?

Why aren't they trying to attack them? Could have something to do with the fact that they'll get the snot blasted out of them again.

Yeah sure , everybody learned since '73 that fighting Israel = fighting U.S. !

In regards to India/Pakistan, if one nation started screaming "we're gonna kill you tomorrow!!" and preparing for an assault, so a few hours later the other party waged a preemptive strike, and the side that was the aggressor lost some land... yeah, that's just.

So you're saying that mouth agression is the same as millitary agression ?!
I always thought that the agressor is the guy who fires the first bullet. :confused:

The only reason things are as bad as they are for the Palestinians is their own actions, and the actions of the Arab world's leaders. Israel is defending itself.

Palestine , like most arab nations in the first half of the 20th century , was a poor British-occupied nation ... It was all very calm and peace till the British decided to giveaway a division of their land (which later turned out to be all of their land) to establish Israel , and so , most of the turned into refugees wether they still live there or immigrated to some other place.

On the other hand , Israeli's before going to Israel were just jewish people who were natives of different countries , also living in peace , facing small racial problems in some spots of the world ,and major problems from the Nazi's (which also ended before establishing Israel) ... Then they decided they should takeover Palestine to fulfill some religious myth , and of course no european country could say a word after all the suffering they caused to the jews.

All Israeli's got their homes where they came from , and Palestinians got their homes where they are and they got no where else to go !

So , who is defending himself ?

I think it's a tragedy, and I think that it's a tragedy that the Palestinians have to let their leaders put them through such hell.

Who's leaders put everybody through hell ?! Do you remember the early 90's , the days of Rabin & Arafat ? It seemed like the problem was realy getting to an end ... It all got messy again when some jewish extremist killed Rabin.
Now they put the blame for everything on Arafat , and it's funny that the U.S. supports these nonsense claims.
How could you blame a Nobel prize for peace winner (Arafat) for the current violence , while we have a war crime suspect (Sharone) on the other side ???!!!!

If the Israelis are really so evil then why don't the Palestinians just stop fighting, then if Israel is truly so evil and bullish there will be no more dispute as to who's to blame and the world will rally against Israel? Could be something to do with the fact that if they stop, then Israel will too, and it'll prove who was really at fault?

They did .... Many times !!!
Do you remember when Sharone called for a week of absolutely no violence , then he raised it to 3 weeks and so .... He had them all , but he always end it by blowing a refugee camp or something cuz he doesn't want the world to see the truth , and the violence starts all over again !

How about more recent facts, The Road Map Seize Fire ? Everybody agreed to that , including Hamas and everybody else ... Then Israel assasins one of their political leaders (his name was abo shanab , I think) , so Hamas declares the end of Seize Fire .
Who's fault was that ?!