NUX Mighty Plug MP-2

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Picked up a NUX Mighty Plug MP-2 a couple of months ago, so have used it sufficiently and know it well enough now to post a review & recommendation here. 

What is it? As the hotlink above illustrates, quintessentially its a competitor to Fender's Mustang Micro, but on 'steroids'. 

I was motivated to buy this for silent practice as my ordinarily tolerant wife has unusually been vocalising discontent as increased frequency of my playing and practice infringing on her own activities or peace and quiet.  The portability and convenience of these micro devices with no TS cable to remote amp or headset to remote amp tethering is ideal for that task. Just plug it into the guitar & add a set of headsets or buds. BT if preferred. And wow, the sound quality and options! Things have come a long way since I bought my first single voice NUX GP-1 amplug 4½ years ago.

No need for me to regurgitate the specs you can read here. In summary, it has 7 default voices onboard the unit togglable by button press, each of which is further editable, patchable and selectable through NUX's Android or iOS Mighty Amp software. The unit itself is firmware upgrade flashable and I can vouch from experience, well supported by NUX (Cherub CN). Multiple amps, effects, and types of guitar are catered for. i.e. Acoustic, electric and bass.  Noisegate, EFX, IRs, QR code patch sharing, so many features. The sound quality, voices and configurability absolutely blow me away.

For those who must have the latest or want a specific feature in it, NUX recently released the Mighty Plug MP-3 around the time I bought my MP-2, but with even more features. It's curently sellling for around double the price I paid for the Mighty Plug MP-2. I didn't want, need nor would use for my purpose the few additional features, and so happily went with the original and put the change into other stuff. A keen shopper as always, I picked mine up for just AUD$85 (USD$53) delivered. 

Comprehensive demo of the MP-2 by Mike Hermans here.

Amazing piece of kit. Very highly recommended if you're seeking something to maintain the peace at home. Killer performance and ridicuously priced in the affirmative sense, for what it is.

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