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What tube amps do you all recommend for super great clean sounds or mild overdrives? I played a couple vintage fenders (vibrolux and bassman), a marshall plexi, and some mesas, and i am seriously considering getting another amp for cleans and such.

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I'd reccoment a solid state amp for cleans, they "shimmer" more than a tube amp, and they're much cheaper. Go find the ugliest thing you can and try it out, you may be surprised.

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I find solid-state amps have a brash and hard-edges clean sound. The distortion is great, but I'll take a 70's tube amp over solid-state for clean tone anyday. I wouldn't trade my 1975 Twin Reverb for anything, though I don't use it for distortion at all.
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I've never heard a solid state amp with a good clean, and i've heard nearly every make and model... i have several solid state amps frm when i started, and now i'm using a Line6 digital amp, but for simple sounds like clean and distortion, tubes are the way to go. I'm using all the bells and whistles less as my style matures. Maybe a Mesa Blue Angel or Nomad... Gotta check Ebay.

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