singing while playing

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what are tips for singing while playing

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Drake the Red
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First, study Chapter 6 of Guitar Fundamentals 2 with Anders. Then consider joining the Guitar Tricks singing program that's accessible from mainpage. That or you could hire a vocal coach to get those 'Doh-Re-Mi's...' in tune 😁



Wow, it's 2023 already? Time goes fast.

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If I am attempting to prepare for preformance, I usually don't seriously try to sing until I have the guitar part down pat.  I find that vocal control takes more of my concentration than playing the guitar.  If I am struggling to play the guitar, both my guitar playing and my vocal usually sucks... and my singing rarely rises to the level of performance worthy.  I try to get the guitar part so drilled, that I can reliably play it without having to think about what I am doing.   Only then can I begin to really work on singing and playing at the same time. 

Captcha is a total pain in the........

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Rumble Walrus
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Hey phess -

Drake and sno are on it.

My 10 cents would be to practice your singing and playing in front of the mirror.  Once you can sing to yourself in the mirror, you can sing in front of anybody.

Ooop - add another nickel to it.  As hard as this sounds when you're actually rehearsing, play-all-the-way-through the song.  Honest.  Don't stop for mistakes and keep going all the way to the end.  Try to stay on time.  An audience notices a break in rhythm before they notice you missed a note.  If you keep getting hung up at one spot try any or all of the following.

  1.  Simplify that spot with a simpler chord or phrase.

  2. Don't play at all and riff a vocal over the empty spot, then pick up at the next measure/whatever.  This works better than you'd think.  Winking at the audience helps.

  3. Using a metronome practice, first on the troublesome spot or the transition from the music right before the troublesome spot.  I find that I'm good at individual musical phrases, but it's the transition that bites me.  Fingering is usually the culprit.  A "should I use an upstroke/downstroke picking to begin the phrase?" kind of thing.

Wow.  A nickel turned into 2 bits.  Sorry for excess but I hope it helps.


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