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I started like 3-4 months ago and It really didn't take me long to get obsessed with playing the instrument! However, I am facing an issue at the moment and that is anchoring my pinky on the body of the guitar ( Slightly behind the soundhole ). Apperarelantly anchoring your pinky while picking is not a good habit because it will cause some awkward positioning and you will not be able to f.ex alternate pick fast. The thing I did was that I put the palm of my hand on the bridge and the pins themselves ( Works quite fine for me and feels natural too). The thing is teachers on guitar tricks think that putting your palm on the bridge is limiting and gives a certain sound and everybody else says something else on youtube. Since I am planning for killing shredding and crazy picking for myself in the future I really don't know what to do. I need help and I don't want to develop bad habits too. Should I go with something that feels natural for me or should I change it?