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Hi there. I am at Guitar Tricks for 3 years now and still beginner level 2. The reason is no motivation at all. How can I get motivated if I only play with myself and for myself? I have no friends or acquaintances who are artistically inclined so I tend to practice the same thing for weeks just to keep my fingers a bit supple. What I am looking for is for a online free site where one can meet people to play together with. Best 1on1 but also maybe 2 or 3. And someone who has patience and willing to motivate others to enjoy playing music not only hearing music.

Hope for your help and take care.

The guitar is a difficult instrument to learn.

But with time, patience and dedication

It becomes a joy to play it anywhere anytime.

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Create an account (free) and throw a proifle up here including your request.[br][br]Although the free sub is restricted, you can still search for what should be a catch net of guitarists/musicians of varying levels of proficiency within your geographic locale you'll be able to make contact with.[br][br][br][br]

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I really enjoy learning a song from the Song section and then playing with the original recording. For me it's pretty thrilling to play along with The Beatles, Stones, Elvis, Wings etc. Most of the songs are pretty true to the original recording.


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