Waza air guitar headphones

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So does anyone own these headphones and if so what's your opinion on them for someone looking to practice without disturbing the neighbors? Are they worth it?

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john of MT
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Wow! Headphones for air guitar!!

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Originally Posted by: john of MT

Wow! Headphones for air guitar!!

Lmao! I thought it was just me who noticed that.

Wow, it's 2023 already? Time goes fast.

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I bought them, mostly because it is very difficult for me to use an amp to practice.   They are definitely a good option - they work pretty much as advertised.  I run the app through my ipad and can get plenty of good tones.  They aren't cheap, but in the end I don't mind the price (I found them on a bit of a discount).  So I would say they are worth it if you are going to use them a lot.   Build quality is fine (I have Marshall headphones that seem a little better quality wise; a bit surprising given Boss stuff is usually pretty high quality - they aren't "cheap" feeling, but given the price...).   Other option would be something like a Fender mustang micro.  Not the same experience, no wireless, but would probably be better if you just want to use once in a while.  If you will be practicing regularly with headphones, then I would be tempted to try the waza headphones.

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